Daily Centrist: The Anti-SJW Movement was a Mistake for Classical Liberals

Welcome to TaraElla Daily News, where we slay the echo chambers, one issue at a time. Today, we're going to look at the rise and fall of the so-called anti-SJW community on YouTube, and where things are going next. The anti-SJW community on YouTube rose to prominence around 2014, but especially this year, anti-SJW channels have been literally dropping like flies.

Some background first: This is a cool-headed centrist show, that gives all sides of a debate their fair consideration. If what you want is genuine consideration of issues outside the echo chamber rubbish, you've come to the right place, and I highly recommend subscribing to this channel. Personally, I have enjoyed watching some anti-SJW stuff, and I've equally enjoyed watching some SJW stuff. I always love both sides of an argument. But in 2018, both sides seem to have literally disappeared. For example, Blaire White has been very open about her switch to lifestyle topics, and just this past week, Zoe Does Life and her friend Ellie Jayden have both announced their intention to switch their focus away from that stuff.

So it's confirmed. The anti-SJW space is shrinking rapidly. As Allsup noticed last year, one of the main reasons for the death of the anti-SJW was because there weren't so many 'crazy SJWs' anymore. It's something that many anti-SJWs have celebrated, but as I will explain later in this episode, it is instead a cause for worry. SJW feminism may be gone, but radical socialism is likely to take its place, and we must be ready for that development.

The downfall of the anti-SJW also has a lot to do with anti-SJWs themselves. I mean, looking at the comments sections of both Zoe and Ellie, it seems that most of their fans are actually glad that they are moving away from anti-SJW stuff. Why? Firstly, it's negative and draining. As time went on, people didn't want to watch negative stuff every day. Several commenters have even said that the ongoing negativity of the anti-SJW community has made them sort of sympathetic to SJW arguments, because, at least they are positive. And both Zoe and Ellie have noted the negativity of anti-SJW culture as one of the reasons they're leaving.

Another reason for the downfall of the anti-SJW is that the community has changed over time. More and more copycat channels sprung up over time, all saying similar things. As audiences got used to hearing the same arguments, creators who tried to say something different often risked getting massively downvoted. The community changed from one of classical liberal, open-minded skepticism, to just another conservative echo chamber, like an amateur version of Fox News or the Daily Wire. If we wanted that, we wouldn't be watching independent commentary on YouTube, right? As Ellie Jayden said, watching anti-SJW stuff became more and more like watching the same video over and over again, which became boring. Add to that the stupid drama of trying to own lefties all the time, no wonder people get tired.

No, the battle of ideas isn't over. Classical liberalism is behind, now more than ever before, especially where it counts.

It seems that, the way the anti-SJW movement was going, it would have died anyway, of its own doing, and nobody would miss it. And, let's face it: now that the anti-SJW movement has come and gone, classical liberal values have actually gone backwards in the real world. The situation for free speech and free thought have become worse than ever before. This is because, while anti-SJWs may have claimed victory on YouTube, in the left-leaning institutions where our culture is produced, classical liberal arguments have not made any inroads at all. If things keep going this way, I fear for the future of freedom.

In fact, I think it is misguided to celebrate the end of SJW culture. It's not a victory of classical liberalism at all. Instead, my feeling from reading a lot of leftist media is that the hard left has shifted its focus from feminism to socialism in the past two years. You see, the hard left introduced many people to core neo-socialist concepts like oppression, class struggle and cultural hegemony, or at least their pop culture forms, through the feminist movement. This has become the foundation on which they could then promote socialism. For example, someone who firmly believes that structures of oppression are everywhere is more likely to become socialist than someone who believes in the free market of ideas. In this sense, SJW feminism was used as a trojan horse to pave way for socialism. And if you just look at how socialist the left has become, this has been a great success.

We have to face the fact that we didn't do too well in the past four years. Going forward, I will be devoting some time to untangling this mess, and set the past right, so to say. I will be reaching out to all sides, including SJW-style feminists, and argue our values properly. More positivity and less negativity. I'll be looking to persuade people, rather than just own our opponents. The age of trolling is over. If you're interested in my approach, I highly recommend subscribing.

I'll leave you with this worrying observation: classical liberalism is losing because we have lost what I call moderate progressives. And let's face it, moderate progressives are like the swing vote in many of the left-leaning institutions that have a major influence on our culture and politics. We are already beginning to lose this bloc to socialism, and we can't afford to let that happen. There's a narrow window to fix things, but we have to be quick.

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