TaraElla Themes 2017-18

A Moral Liberty
Contrary to popular (American) belief, real liberals are not Left (or Right), but pro-liberty.
The Ideas Lab is on a campaign to revive Moral Liberalism.
For more about Moral Liberalism, read TaraElla's book The Moral Libertarian Horizon.

A Liberal and Truly Intersectional Feminism, no GLIF

Only Liberal Feminism is Truly Intersectional Feminism. Learn more here.
Both the Ideas Lab and The TaraElla Show aim to advance liberal intersectional feminism.
To learn more about how other 'intersectional' feminists are doing it wrong, read The Disappointment of G.L.I.F.

More Music
More new work will be added to the catalog of TaraElla's Music.


The Princess's Spirit actually defies precise definition. Novels like TaraElla's 'The Princess's Spirit' trilogy illustrate what it is. But here are several ground rules:

1) Belief in one self's ability to make things right in the end

2) Never giving in despite the odds being against you

3) Being proud of your sense of style, even if others don't like it

4) Never change who you are, even if others bully you for it

5) Loving life, and loving the people around you

6) Helping those less fortunate around you. Sometimes this requires courage too.

As for its application to social issues, here are three further ground rules:

7) We must discuss every social issue, and there must be no taboos, and no selfishness.
In history, society had failed again and again in this regard. For example, generations of men came and went without being aware of the plight of women in an unequal society, and generations also came and went without being aware of the sad lives gay and lesbian people lived in a hostile society. Even nowadays, people don't want to discuss issues surrounding the inadequacy of end-of-life care for dying patients causing a lot of unnecessary suffering, or the growing inadequacy of burial grounds, for example. In fact, whenever I raise the idea that public parks should also function as cemeteries there is bound to be someone who thinks I'm crazy. People just want to avoid the hard facts of life, and we cannot let that happen.

8) There is to be absolute freedom of conscience, and no groupthought.
Society must embrace freedom as its biggest consensus. Governments must, first and foremost, ensure the liberty of its citizens. However, even if the aforementioned was accomplished, the cultural wars have meant that society has divided and polarised into cultural blocks with peer pressure to conform within blocks, which presents another challenge to achieving absolute freedom of conscience. Hence, society also needs to 'depolarize', so that everyone can embrace a mixture of beliefs not according to their peer group but according to their true conscience. Everyone needs to read and really think about all the issues and all the viewpoints out there, and arrive at their own conclusions based on their own conscience.

9) If we believe in a society, a future, that is consistent with the Princess's Spirit values, we should encourage each other to live these principles. They should guide our approach to social issues, and our discussion of such issues with our friends and the wider community.