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A Moral Liberty
Contrary to popular (American) belief, real liberals are not Left (or Right), but pro-liberty.
The Ideas Lab is on a campaign to revive Moral Liberalism.
For more about Moral Liberalism, read TaraElla's book The Moral Libertarian Horizon.

A Liberal and Truly Intersectional Feminism, no GLIF

Only Liberal Feminism is Truly Intersectional Feminism. Learn more here.
Both the Ideas Lab and The TaraElla Show aim to advance liberal intersectional feminism.
To learn more about how other 'intersectional' feminists are doing it wrong, read The Disappointment of G.L.I.F.

More Music
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Vision: Families

I am pro-families. Stable, healthy families are the building block of society.

If we talk about outcomes, I am pretty traditional on that. Stable families, relationships built on trust and permanent bonds rather than just attraction and the feeling of the moment, strong marriages that can resist whatever life throws at them, responsible people who don't cause family trouble or moral dilemmas by irresponsible 'free love' - these are all things I would like to see in society.

However, we also need inclusion. Inclusion is a key family value to me. My vision is a future where LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) families are part of normal everyday life, free from discrimination. Imagine a world where gay and lesbian couples and their children will be able to walk the streets without strange glares, where they will be able to receive support from the government and community like any other family. It will also be a future where the predominant culture of the LGBT community itself is family orientated. Imagine gayborhoods transformed to feature mainly family support groups, offices for oraganisations like PFLAG, youth groups etc., a place just as family friendly as any other neighbourhood, albeit with an LGBT supporting theme.

These two visions are linked. Expecting LGBT youth to remain part of the family culture but as second class citizens where they can only be uncles and aunts is just not realistic. If you discourage the formation of rainbow families, more LGBT youth will be channeled into rejecting the family friendly culture. The flow on effects onto mainstream culture are also already observable, and not good at all. On the other hand, if LGBT families had the same opportunity as straight families, then I trust that the LGBT neighbourhood will become as family friendly as any straight neighbourhood in a very short time.

Denying people the right to form a family and healthily nurture it is also against their health benefit. My education background in health and medical sciences has led me to appreciate the significance family can have on health. LGBT people are often already partially or fully denied their first family experience as they face rejection or incomplete tolerance by their birth family, to also deny them the right to build their own families as adults is unusually cruel treatment.

Arguments against expanding family rights for LGBT people often centre on the idea that gay or lesbian parenting is somehow unnatural or detrimental. So far, there is no evidence that this is the case, and plenty of evidence for the contrary position. In fact, I firmly believe that the main force against LGBT families is not some kind of lingering concern against gay parenting, but powerful forces of religious fundamentalism that society should have been rid of a long time ago. 'What about the kids' is the favourite argument of those who cannot raise any other rational argument for their cause, and it's just because kids themselves don't have anything to argue back. Well, here's the counter-argument: Some kids are also LGBT orientated, and they will grow into adults and face the same frustration too.

As a science trained person, I am very evidence based in my thinking. On this website you will find links to where the evidence is for my positions. However, I also understand that being overly academic and technical when communicating with most people doesn't work. My experiences in politics has led me to this firm belief. Therefore, I also work in, and work with popular culture. It is there that we will win the support for our cause, I believe.

I also believe we need to take on the religious right. The religious right are the main force behind the unfairness towards LGBT families. Therefore, taking on the religious right is part of promoting a family culture amongst LGBT people. Yes, my brand of family values requires taking on the religious right when it comes to politics.

As for achieving the goal of a stable, healthy family culture for both traditional and LGBT families, I believe that cultural change through cultural means is the answer. I am a thinker, and I like to think about solutions that can help all families achieve that goal. I will never force such solutions onto others though - I believe in the free market of ideas, and its encouragement of innovation. If my ideas are good enough for enough people they will be popular, if not it's back to the drawing board. I can accept that as part of life.