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Moral Libertarian Perspective: Equality of Moral Agency

The principle of equality of moral agency is central to moral libertarianism, because the need to allow every single individual their equal share of moral agency underpins the moral case for liberty and liberalism. As I have previously illustrated, liberals are not the only people who allow some kind of liberty, but we are the only ones who insist that liberty be given equally to every individual, not excluding those in government. Traditional feudalism allowed kings and lords almost boundless liberty simply by inheritance, but that meant slaves and serfs did not have any moral agency over their own actions, i.e. they could not act upon their moral consciences in their lives, but rather had to obey the consciences of their lords. We liberals, and moral libertarians in particular, cannot support offering anyone the kind of liberty kings and lords once had, because that would include having moral agency over other people, which means taking away other people's fair share of moral ag…

Justin Trudeau in Cancel Culture Drama, Why the Right Responded Poorly | TaraElla News

Today, I want to talk about the recent drama surrounding Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and several blackface and brownface photos of him from many years ago that have recently emerged. I think there are several dimensions to this drama.

Firstly, like all instances of Cancel Culture, I think what we should do is to encourage forgiveness. Like I said regarding Andrew Yang's recent decision to publicly forgive a comedian who made a racial slur towards him, only to receive backlash himself, we may not be able to change culture all that much each time, but with each decision to forgive, we move the culture bit by bit towards a Forgiveness Culture and away from a Cancel Culture. The effects may not be apparent this month or this year, but if we make a concerted effort to bring back forgiveness, there will certainly be a noticeable effect several years down the track.

Secondly, I think the response from certain political observers is disappointing. I understand that a Canadian el…

Andrew Yang Forgives Shane Gillis, Sets Example to End Cancel Culture | TaraElla News | #YangGang

Today, I want to talk about Cancel Culture, and how we can 'cancel' it, using the recent drama surrounding comedian Shane Gillis, and 2020 candidate Andrew Yang as an example. Cancel culture is getting so big these days that it is engulfing commentators left and right, and even a socially progressive Canadian Prime Minister! Comedian Shane Gillis was fired just a few days after the announcement of him joining SNL, because people discovered some of his old material in which he used racist slurs. Some of the stuff he said was indeed very distasteful. One of these slurs was directed at Andrew Yang. In response, Yang said that he thought Gillis deserved another chance to keep his job. Yang said that society has become too punitive towards people who made distateful statements, and he thought that, by setting an example of advocating for forgiveness, it would be something positive.

As you may expect, I totally agree with Yang here. Of course, the decision by one person to forgive wo…

The (Imaginary) Leftist Checklist | TaraElla News

You know, I have long considered myself a moderate who shares plenty of concerns from both the left and the right. However, after listening to 'The Leftist Checklist' by conservative commentator Allie Beth Stuckey, I have learned that I apparently don't share anything with anyone left of center nowadays. I never knew that my political beliefs were that much in clear opposition to everyone on the left. I never knew I was so staunchly right wing, even though I am a fan of Andrew Yang and Tulsi Gabbard. I don't know how that could be possible, but thanks Allie, for teaching me something new.

Sarcasm aside, I think this latest so-called checklist from Stuckey is symptomatic of something I have come to be concerned about: that some conservative commentators are more interested in associating the most extreme and problematic ideas from the left with their political rivals, than actually creating a meaningful conversation to restore classical liberal values. According to the c…

So Even Joe Biden is Racist Now? | BreadBusting #20

Welcome to BreadBusting by TaraElla, where we attempt to examine the problematic ideas that come out of BreadTube, and also LeftTube in general. I am indeed expanding the scope of BreadBusting to include all of LeftTube, because I am seeing more problematic ideas come out of news-orientated LeftTube channels in recent months. Subscribe if you're interested.

Apparently, an increasing number of people in the LeftTube world actually think that Joe Biden is racist. You know, the Joe Biden that President Obama hand picked as VP, and was able to work with for eight years. The Joe Biden who remains very popular with black Americans. I mean, Biden is certainly not my favorite 2020 candidate, but I feel like I can't just let the definition of 'racist' expand yet again, because we are at the point where further expanding the term will drastically water down its seriousness. What I mean is, if everything can be described as racist, then racism wouldn't be a serious thing anymo…

Re-Thinking 'Postmodern Neo-Marxism': Could Jordan Peterson Be Right After All? | TaraElla News

Jordan Peterson and Natalie Wynn are two of the most influential figures today in the online political discourse, as I discussed a while back in my episode about Cults Of Personality. Furthermore, Natalie's video on Jordan Peterson had a lot of views, and was often used to so-called 'debunk' Peterson by the left. It would be interesting to hear what Peterson may have to say on the things Natalie said in that video.

Natalie stated in the video that this cannot represent a coherent concept, because postmodernism is skeptical of grand narratives of history, and Marxism has a grand narrative of history. Jordan Peterson has not satisfactorily responded to this point so far, in my opinion. However, I think that Natalie's simple view of the matter is also missing something. I have actually been thinking about this quite a lot in the past year. At first, I sort of defended Peterson, because many people seem to know quite well what he means by the term, even if it may be techni…

Isn't UBI Socialist? | Defending Andrew Yang | TaraElla News | #YangGang

Today, I want to discuss Andrew Yang and his Freedom Dividend. More specifically, I want to help defend it from the recently increasing accusations that it is 'socialist'. Some Yang supporters are worried that this confusion could limit the growth of Yang's support, especially in the crucial next few months. Recently, Yang himself uploaded a video where he explained why UBI isn't socialist, where he highlighted the pro-capitalist effects of the UBI, and also showed that it wouldn't fit a commonly used definition of socialism, one that is found in many dictionaries. However, people from both the left and the right began to attack the defintion of socialism he used, thus undermining his argument.

Let me try to tackle this from another angle. Like any other word, 'socialism' can be defined in many ways, and I'm sure most people don't have time to watch a video that includes all those definitions. Instead, we should probably start out by looking at what …

From Tulsi Gabbard to Marianne Williamson - Is the Left 'Mean'? | TaraElla News

The recent poor treatment of Tulsi Gabbard by prominent members of the left, in the aftermath of her appearance on The Rubin Report, raises that question once more: is the left mean? Does the left like to eat its own? Tulsi certainly isn't alone in getting a taste of left-wing friendly fire. Another 2020 candidate, Marianne Williamson, whose Rubin interview was well received on the left and often used by leftists as an example of what they would have wanted Tulsi to say, has herself made comments about some people on the left being mean to her, which have been widely circulated in conservative circles. Furthermore, the recent drama surrounding left-wing YouTube icon ContraPoints shows that, you can be very left-wing and also a minority, and they can still turn on you like you're the enemy.

So why does the left like to turn on its own members so much? Some leftists think it's a natural result of always striving for more justice, while some conservatives think it's becaus…