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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Limousine Liberals have No Right to Criticize my Liberal Credentials

Many limousine liberals have taken to questioning my liberal credentials whilst not doing much useful themselves. They generally target my support for divorce reform, abstinence-based (not abstinence only) sex-ed, calls for Hollywood to discourage drug use, and especially my assertion that I believe recreational drugs have no positives at all. They like to argue for the sake of arguing.

How many would, however, stand up for campaigning to make government the last employer of guarantee? This would solve unemployment forever. And many people need it. It's not like limousine liberals would ever be long-term unemployed, so they don't bother with this.

And how about the hidden sexism in our societies - which becomes not so hidden when used against feminine males? Limousine liberals like to harp on about how women now earn the majority of college degrees, and get satisfied with that. Sexism still exists and remains problematic, just not by the numbers. Limousine liberals are, unfortunately, unlikely to have the guts to change things.

Limousine liberals are neoliberals who are very tolerant of lifestyle vices. They are not liberals who change things.