Sunday, February 24, 2013

More Family, Instead of Anonymous Donors

There has been some recent discussions on gay parenting in multiple places. Whilst I probably shouldn't offer much advice, being not yet a parent myself, here are some of my thoughts.

Non-homophobic people are the majority in many Western countries nowadays, as evidenced by majority support for marriage equality in Europe, the UK, Australia and Canada. However, it seems that some clearly non-homophobic people have a problem with gay parenting - not that the parents would make the children gay, but that they may be denying biological reality. I believe this needs to be addressed. And please do not think it is a gay only problem - straight couples with fertility issues should not be left off the hook here either to create a double standard.

To do that, I think we should start by having a culture of acknowledging a child's genetic parents even if they are not the daily carers of the child. We need to, as a society, ensure that all children know their genetic parents, can call them mother or father as appropriate, and maintain substantial lifelong links with them. I understand that many people with fertility problems use anonymous sperm donors all the time, and I am accepting of that fact, but I believe that the model I have proposed is way better, for both straight and gay couples with fertility issues.