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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Same Love: Biggest Political Song of Our Generation?

Hip-hop artist Macklemore released a song last year to support efforts to legalise marriage equality in Washington state last year, titled Same Love. The song didn't do too well on the charts then, but marriage equality still went through in Washington, so all was still good.

This year, however, the song has marched to the top of the charts - in Australia! Now it has stayed there for a month. Australia is a special case regarding marriage equality: only the federal government can change the laws, and there is a hung parliament which means that neither side is willing to move right now. The ultra-conservative opposition leader isn't helping either. However, a clear majority of the population now support marriage equality, even in relatively conservative suburbs. This has led to widespread frustration amongst the social justice orientated types in Australia - which is probably why this hit is so popular.

The next questions are, obviously when will the Australian parliament get its act together, but also will this track become a global hit?

Anyway, here it is: