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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Australians, Please Save Our Best Prime Minister Ever!

Kevin Rudd, current Australian Prime Minister, is facing a tough election tomorrow. He has a great record but the circus they call the media here is trying to get him out of office, by spreading unfound fear about our economy, an economy that he was responsible for saving from the Global Financial Crisis.

He has got to be one of the most courageous Prime Ministers in our history:

Meanwhile, his opponent Tony Abbott is quite elusive on this and other matters.

And it's not just marriage equality. Consider the following: it would be a shame if Australia missed out on ANY of these things, don't you think?

Meanwhile, the media are desperate to destroy the best PM we ever had, likely because its interests lie elsewhere:

Just something to make your blood boil, isn't it?

Final words: If you are Australian, please consider your vote carefully. If you are not Australian, then it may help to raise what I just said with an Australian you might know. Australia just cannot afford to lose a great PM like Kevin Rudd.