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Thursday, September 26, 2013

This is What Hate Causes

You know, sometimes I am accused of being too staunchly critical of people who promote racism, homophobia or hate in general. Some people are just slow to evolve, you should respect your opponents, things like that have been said to me many times. But it is out of a hope that hate will be eradicated that I am being so stern towards haters. So I will continue doing it.

And if you are still not convinced about my approach, you can take a look at what hate can actually cause:

And finally, to haters: you can hide behind all the religion you want to, but to me you are still no more than a hater. Religious people who don't hate, well, don't hate, and I believe all haters hiding behind religion are no more than pretenders. And no, I am not taking that back, ever.